I have an innate sense for interior design, the sacred and sacred spaces. Whether designing a home, commercial space, wedding or event, I approach all of my work with integrity and the intention of creating abundance and purpose. A space is MUCH more than an area that looks pretty; it’s an energetic field that molds your prosperity, relationships, happiness and future! I am available for clearing, staging and design work. Get more information on the services I offer here.



Astrology and tarot are modalities that help us connect with our ultimate purpose. Everyone has the power inside them to live the life they want. Gaining information about your astrological profile and accessing guidance from tarot can help to accelerate the journey from here to your ideal existence. I engage with these two rich, age-old tools to help my clients understand themselves and achieve their goals. Get more info on the insight sessions I offer here.



Reiki, sound healing and wellness guidance are tools we can all employ to harness and adjust our energy, and heal our mind and body. I am a Reiki Master, trained in chakras, energy clearing, channeling and grounding. I use these skills to guide my clients, allowing them to reach their higher selves. I am also certified to train others to achieve first, second and advanced Reiki certification. Get more info on the healing services I offer here.