I am an energetic / wellness guide and space designer with 11 years of spiritual practice and intuitive work and 14 years of commercial interior design experience. I have creatively married my innate relationship with the sacred and sacred spaces to create my namesake consultancy. I use a variety of modalities including tarot, astrology, reiki, feng shui and sound healing to help clients reach their highest potential. My goal is to remove my clients’ blocks (whether that be personally or in the spaces they occupy) to bring in prosperity, happiness and abundance. I like to refer to my services as 'spatial divinity' as my work is a deep dive into manifestation / intention as well as aesthetics. 

With the gifts of drive and intuition, I help my clients create personal or spatial intentions in order to bring their manifestations to reality. 

Credentials include:

  • certified Reiki Master, studying under Mega R. Mease

  • educated in tarot by Merrie Wolfe

  • graduate of the Sound Wisdom program, a 3 year course in energy healing modalities under my mentor Susan E. Hegemeyer

  • self-taught astrologer

  • 14 years of commercial interior design and styling experience

Everyone has the power to live the life they want, in the space they want. I am a conduit and guide to make that a reality.

Leo sun. Cancer moon. Aquarius ascendant. Virgo north node.