My life’s work and dharma is to help my clients step into their truest self, release old patterns and live a more authentic, beautiful and abundant life. Astrology and tarot are two methods I use to help my clients reveal what they need to embrace and what they need to let go of.



Astrology is the cosmic blueprint of life. A birth chart is essentially a map of the sky, showing the position of the planets on the wheel of the astrological zodiac the moment you were born. Each placement of each planet is a window into a different aspect of a persons life. 

A reading with me will help you discover an in-depth portrait of yourself. Why you are who you are and how to best navigate your life's journey. 

1-hour reading: $111




Tarot is a perfect reflection of your subconsciousness. Each card and reading contains a valuable learning lesson to help us navigate whatever stage we are at in our personal journey. Many clients have "ah-ha" moments as tarot can also be a validation to the feelings floating around that have not yet surfaced. Tarot can be of assistance in relationship, personal, career and financial matters. I act as a conduit between the energy of the archetypes/cards and your subconsciousness. 

1-hour reading: $111


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I believe we are most empowered and feeling our best when we are aligned with our mind, body and spirit. Tarot and astrology are a deep dive into the subconscious language of inner knowing.